Erotic massage with additional services

To make the intimate massage as vivid and memorable as possible, and to allow clients to realize their erotic dreams and fantasies, in our salon «Taste of Night» you can order additional services.

  • Overlord. This service is suitable for those who do not wish to be passive participants and want to reciprocate a girl by kissing and caressing her body. It is important to bear in mind that this service does not include intimacy.
  • A lesbian show. If you want to enjoy a shiny erotic show performed by two hot girls, this service will do. Relaxed, charming, professional masseuses will give pleasure to their performance and simultaneous massage.
  • A peep show. For men who want to see a girl caress herself and orgasm, we have provided this service. When the masseuse’s sex show is over, she’s gonna give the client an amazing erotic massage.
  • Striptease. Graceful, sexy girls will dance a passionate dance for the client, awakening the most daring desires and dreams. The end of the show is gorgeous eroticism.
  • A joint shower or a Jacuzzi. Those who want to really enjoy and relax should pay attention to this service. Immersed in warm water and fragrant foam, the customer can enjoy a gentle massage.

We invite you to plunge into the world of bliss and pleasure in our salon «Taste of Night»!

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