Dear Visitors, please observe the following rules on entering our Salon!

  1. We do not provide intimate services (including oral sex).
  2. Do not offer girls paid services (other than massage) within or outside the Salon. Don’t ask girls to swap phones. Even if you try to do it, the masseuse girl will be fired.
  3. We do not work with visitors who consumed alcohol before coming to us (in large quantity)!
  4. May not touch a girl’s genitalia (hands, tongue, genital organ). If you don’t hear it the first time, the girl will have to stop the massage without a prepaid return!
  5. Our Salon guarantees: – No cameras, no audio or video recordings. In turn, visitors are not allowed to enter videos, photos, audio equipment, condoms, vibrators, drugs.


Dear visitor, respect our girls’ efforts and efforts.
In our salon we offer a wide range of massages satisfying all the tastes of our clients.
We work 24 hours

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