You’ve been bad

The gracefulness and sexiness of the gestures that the Lady of your body possesses will fully reveal to you the world of her power and power. Once you are with Mistress, you are in her full power in a moment of passion and desire. And your body will feel passion and desire, feeling sweet pain. And don’t try to resist, or you will be punished with particular sophistication! And if you can carry out all her orders and demands, be obedient and meek, you will be rewarded – unforgettable ecstasy will cover your head!

Approaching the moment of satisfaction, you yourself can control the course of events – get a sensual massage or completely put yourself in the hands of the ruthless Mistress, allowing her to dominate herself completely.



The daily routine has dragged you in, the work is just annoying, you dream of completely rebooting both the body and the brain? Erotic massage «You misbehaved» will make you completely forget about routine problems.  It’s not just a massage, it’s a real emotional show where you become the property of a tough, fateful Mistress. It is she, My Lady, who will help you get rid of your complexes and realize your wildest dreams. A ruler wrapped in her power will help:

  • To experience new, unfamiliar, but pleasant, sensations.
  • Let go emotionally.
  • Leave behind unforgettable emotions that you want to repeat over and over again.
  • To make your blood circulate with renewed strength.
  • Find new erogenous zones.



Procedure «You’ve been bad» in the salon «Taste of Night» will help you, our client learn to receive new, unknown emotions and impressions. The mistress who will dominate you, you can choose. Salon «Taste of Night»  has  great choice of wooman and each of them is experienced girls dressed in special costumes, beautiful and well-groomed. These are the kind of professionals who can find every erogenous point in your body by skilfully handling special accessories. Before proceeding to the procedure, our clients stipulate which elements of massage should be present (fondling, punishment, humiliation). Then you will be able to fully embrace the power of your Lady by being her slave. It is this moment that will plunge you into a world of sweet pain and complete obedience.

In the salon «Taste of Night» the show «Madam and Slave» is a performance whose script is known only to your Lady and to you, her slave. To which end your two-way game will lead you, only the two of you decide, but in the course of the show our client can use additional services:

  • You can invite another Lady by choosing one of the other girls.
  • Touch the Lady if she «allows». Touch the forbidden – always acts arousing.
  • Order a «foot fetish» service, after which your Lady will allow you to caress her legs.

Such a show will leave in your memory the strongest impressions and emotional explosion. A wave of passions and fantasies,  method of sticks and carrots, harsh punishments for the slightest wrongdoing at the hands of your Lady – all this will surely lead you to ecstasy, leaving in memory unrealistically pleasant memories.



Being under constant stress from, for example, trouble at work, a person can snap at his or her family. In order to avoid such situations, it is recommended to take massages dominated by «You’ve been bad». This procedure helps to relieve consciousness as much as possible, and the additional services that may accompany the massage add spice and acuity to the sensation.

Your preferences and fantasies may not be understood by your loved ones. Only the Lady, chosen by you in the salon «Taste of Night» is able to experience every Your whim, to realize every bold fantasy in reality and to fulfill the innermost dream.

To each of our clients we find an individual approach. Such a procedure is not for everyone, but once you try it once and unforgettable feelings will remain in your memory forever.

This procedure lasts at least an hour, but if you want it, you can always extend your pleasure as long as you need it. No erotic procedure offered by our salon ends in intimate relations. We remind our clients to trust their bodies and desires only to professionals of their business, beware of poor procedures and questionable places of doing them.

60 min
1 girl
2500 UAH
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