VIP person

  • A completely nude masseuse.
  • The traditional massage is all body.
  • Erotic massage.
  • One Relaxation.
  • Touching the whole body with hands and lips, except for the private areas and the face.
  • Shower with a masseuse.
  • Champagne is a gift.

Dopamine is a hormone of pleasure and anticipation that a person experiences incredible emotions that lead to a sense of happiness. That is why one should think that life can be a lot happier if one regularly experiences such an important and astonishing sensation of intimate relaxation.

Almost all people need proper tactile communication. The world of touch is beautiful, and with the right approach is capable of triggering a real fireworks of emotion. Money buys happiness, you just have to know where! Professional massage therapists and just beautiful girls of «Taste of Night» massage parlor will gladly dedicate you to the mystery of tactile sensations and help you relax. Don’t be shy or hesitate, erotic massage is exactly what you’ve been missing all these years. There’s some real magic going on inside this place, and you’re gonna walk out of here a whole different, happy person.

What could be more pleasant than touching, touching and kissing a beautiful girl? Erotic massage is not just a casual pleasure. It is a unique opportunity to unlock the potential of possibilities, find harmony with own «I» and know all mysteries of your body, from earlobes to fingertips. Traditional massage combined with a relaxing atmosphere and the touch of a beautiful masseuse, which can be better than this?


A unique sentence for every VIP person that cannot be discarded

Imagine a place where you can feel complete relaxation. Dimmed light, gentle aroma, quiet music and a pleasant companion. «Taste of Night» – this is exactly where you can allow yourself to forget everything. We have a unique approach to each client, we take into consideration any wishes of our clients. Beautiful girls are waiting for you and ready to make all your dreams and fantasies come true.

Soft touches, gentle strokes, quiet conversations – that’s where the procedure begins. The gift champagne will allow you to relax and fully indulge in the sensation. An experienced masseuse can quickly connect with you and understand exactly what you want. A romantic kiss or a playful touch – you can wish for anything because tonight you are the VIP person!

This hour will be dedicated only to you and the whole world is holding its breath, for your body is worthy of this attitude. Non-transferable emotions, vivid impressions, unforgettable pleasure and many other things you could only dream about – now available in the massage salon «Taste of Night» in Kiev. Believe me, you’re gonna want to come back and repeat it more than once! This is exactly the kind of pleasure you need to have regularly.

With an erotic massage, you can:

  • let go of all your thoughts.
  • Completely immerse yourself in an atmosphere of pleasure and relaxing.
  • Forget the false modesty and the stiffness.
  • Learn the mysteries of a unique technique.


The service of erotic combines the pleasure of both body and spirit

In the physical sense, erotic massage helps to normalize blood flow to the extremities, relax the muscles and restore the body. Long-term experience and knowledge of our massage therapists can have a positive influence on the body and health of the client. And the emotional part will help you get your thoughts in order and give you a sense of pleasure and happiness. Nice company, gentle touch and general atmosphere will make your life better.

You’ll forget all your kisses After you’re touched by the most beautiful girl’s. Experience, confidence and tenderness create a combination of something unimaginable that you want to go back and forth. You deserve to experience this unforgettable experience, try something special that you’ve never tasted before. Quality rest and real pleasure is exactly what our massage salon «Taste of Night» in Kiev offers.

60 min
1 girl
1600 - 3100 UAH

Programs list

  • Полностью обнаженная массажистка.
  • Традиционный массаж полностью всего тела.
  • Эротический массаж
  • Один релакс.
  • Касания руками и губами всего тела за исключением интимных зон и лица
  • Душ в компании массажистки
  • Шампанское как подарок
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