Kingdom of Lord

  • Fully nude masseuse.
  • Traditional massage performed in 4 hands.
  • An unobtrusive lesbian show.
  • Peep show.
  • Erotic massage with relaxation (second relaxation at the discretion of the gentleman).
  • Touching the whole body with the exception of intimate areas and the face.
  • Head and foot massage at the same time.
  • Shower in the company of masseuses.
  • Champagne as a gift.
  • The whole program takes place with the participation of two girls.

Only a true lord will be able to fulfill any of his hidden fantasies and desires in the “Taste of Night” massage salon. Having only once visited «Kingdom of Lord» you can never forget these unique feelings and you will want to come back here again and again. The mystery of erotic massage and the amazing location allow to know the taste of real pleasure and relaxation. Not everyone deserves that kind of attention, but we’re sure you’re the one who deserves it the most. Experience completely new feelings and emotions, immerse yourself in an atmosphere of warmth, tenderness and eroticism, and you will forget forever the state of stress.

The real Lord owns everything. Two beautiful girls belong exclusively to you and no one else. They’d be happy to help you relax, have real pleasure and forget everything. Service of quality and professional erotic massage in the performance of two massages is available only in massage salon «Taste of Night» in Kiev.


Passion and erotic massage from the most beautiful concubines is what you need

Massage salon «Taste of Night» is able to satisfy the tastes of any person. Some love the slim, some love the passionate, some love the powerful, and some love the humble. You’ll be able to find a girl of your own choosing, and she, in turn, will perform a beautiful and quality erotic massage for you. All girls know how to handle both their bodies and their clients.Gentle touches, gentle caresses, light kisses and amazing poses can awaken beautiful feelings in a person, lift the mood and free the mind and body from accumulated stress. Any, even the most discerning man will be delighted by the massage «Kingdom of Lord». Beautiful masseuses will demonstrate all their talents, and no one can resist. Don’t hesitate to talk about your desires, because some people love tenderness and caress, while others prefer impulse and rhythmic movements. Any wishes will be taken into account and fulfilled. Just imagine two charming masseuses touching every part of your body and doing whatever whim and fantasy you want. 

High-quality erotic massage can create a vortex of emotions, energize both spiritual and male, and create harmony in your body. Your consciousness will sink into a trance and many things may seem like a dream, but all this is happening in reality. The general state will be bordered by euphoria, and the climax will be so bright that it will be impossible to forget. The masseuses will help you to relax completely with your hands and bodies, and will also relieve you of the extra tension, because it is definitely not appropriate here. The feeling of relaxation and comfort will be so strong that you want to feel it again. You can choose your own appearance and character based on your personal preferences. Such an approach makes it possible to realize any, even the boldest, desire. Erotic massage performed by a professional girl (and better than two) is real art and energy.

The massage salon girls are all yours!


Only the most sensual touches and the unique techniques of erotic massage

Only in the massage salon «Taste of the Night» are the hottest and most passionate massagers who will lead you to the very top of the pleasure. True ecstasy and true bliss can be felt under their skillful fingers. Once you’ve tried an erotic massage, you’ll love it forever. It is impossible to describe in words what every customer of our salon feels. First of all it is very individual sensations, as well as a level of pleasure to which it is difficult to find appropriate words. Special products in the form of creams, gels and aromatic oils are used in the massage process. All of them allow the hands of girls to slide gently across the body, and also create incredible sensations and aromas for the client. Such oils are rare in standard SPA salons or regular massage parlors. Only in the salon «Taste of the Night» the highest quality and original cosmetics for body care are used.

Erotic massage helps to unlock the potential of opportunity, to understand your body and to enjoy the whole procedure. The touch of the masseuse will be tender, gentle and trembling, but it will completely relieve the stress and allow you to get rid of the tension. The culmination of the procedure is accompanied by a strong détente, and the general atmosphere of passion nearly drives you mad. 


You’ll never forget those moments

Erotic massage «Kingdom of Lord» is created only for selected visitors. Are you one of them?The massage salon «Taste of Night» in Kiev guarantees complete privacy and confidentiality of data. And whether or not you share your experiences with your friends is up to you.

90 min
2 girls
5000 UAH

Programs list

  • Полностью обнаженная массажистка.
  • Традиционный массаж, выполненный в 4 руки.
  • Ненавязчивое лесби-шоу.
  • Пип-шоу.
  • Эротический массаж с релаксом (второй релакс на усмотрение господина).
  • Касания всего тела за исключением интимных зон и лица.
  • Массаж головы и стоп в одно время.
  • Душ в компании массажисток.
  • Шампанское как подарок.
  • Вся программа происходит при участии двух девушек.
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