Great conversationalist

  • Conversations on any topics.
  • Full attention only to you.
  • 50 ml of good whiskey and cola as a gift.

Sometimes a modern person lacks not intimacy at all, but ordinary human understanding. Service  “Great conversationalist” in the “Taste of Night” salon allows you to spend time in the company of a beautiful girl and get to know not only her, but also yourself. In our world, only a few are really important to hear about someone’s feelings, emotions and experiences. Most of the people do not know how to tactfully listen to the interlocutor, support him or sympathize.However, if you have such a need, then there is no need to look for a psychologist or go to a bar. It is better to come to the salon “Taste of  Night” and get an unforgettable experience of the time spent here.


Harmony with oneself is an important moment in the life of every person.

All people in one way or another care about their appearance, health and psychological state. To do this, we visit beauty salons, gyms, trainings and other institutions. However, few people worry about their psychological health, and this is one of the most significant parts of ourselves.

The ancient art of meditation allowed a person to find harmony with the world around him and with himself. Unfortunately, today many teachings are considered lost long ago, and it has become impossible to cognize their. But, we know another way to balance the mind and body. Having a great conversation with a wonderful companion in a very intimate setting can generate a lot of positive emotions.

The special atmosphere that is created in the room allows you to tune in to the same wave with your companion. The enchanting aromas of candles and the female body, soft and muffled lighting, the gentle voice of the interlocutor and the unobtrusive touch of the girl’s magic fingers – this is exactly the setting that can awaken all the feelings hidden inside you. Thanks to the girl’s professionalism, you will be able not only to pour out your soul, but also to know the feeling of relief, harmony, purification and creation of a new inner state of you.

Mental health is not less important as physical health. Don’t ignore this.Only the perfect balance between body and psychological health contributes to personal growth, incredible motivation and new success. Just one hour of communication with a wonderful companion can completely turn your world around. Even if you do not experience any emotional stress, service “Great conversationalist” will still bring a lot of new emotions into your life.


New impressions are available to every visitor of the salon “Taste of night”

“Great conversationalist” can learn you what it means to be truly understood, as well as hear a completely new and possibly even sudden opinion. A good conversationalist has critical thinking, and the ability to find positive meaning in everything. The girls in the “Taste of Night” salon have not only a unique view of the world, but also a talent to understand, sympathize and soothe.

The whole conversation will be built exclusively around your person. This is your evening. Any information remains strictly confidential and will not leave the room. The conversation will be exclusively about you, but if you want to know something about a girl, then just ask and she will be happy to answer on any of your questions.

This allows the client to open up emotionally, and for shy people it also serves as an ideal preparation for physical relaxation. Don’t be prejudiced about casual conversation. Sometimes in conversations you can not only learn something new about the interlocutor, but also learn something new about yourself. We are waiting for you in our salon at any time.

60 min
1 girl
1500 UAH

Programs list

  • Conversations on any topics.
  • Full attention only to you.
  • 50 ml of good whiskey and cola as a gift.
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