• A completely nude masseuse.
  • Traditional or relaxing massage on your choice.
  • Touching the whole body except for intimate areas and face.
  • Service is available from 9.00 to 19.00

Espresso in the salon «Taste of Night» is a great opportunity to get unforgettable pleasure in a very short time. All those who value their time and cannot afford long treatments are offered to try erotic massage «Espresso». 

In a big city like Kiev, there is always a lack of time for everything you want. A job, a gym, a meeting with a friend or something, it takes almost all day, but sometimes you just want to relax after a hard day’s work. ? Sound familiar? The massage salon «Taste of Night» in Kiev can offer a great service for relaxation just for half an hour. The traditional relaxation procedure, which is performed by an experienced and gentle girl, will help your body fully relax and feel at ease. Don’t think half an hour isn’t enough. In 30 minutes a professional massage therapist is able to give you quality and maximum relaxation. Instead of another cup of coffee, it’s better to visit us.


For whom the erotic massage «Espresso»

It is necessary to understand that erotic massage must be performed by a professional. Of course, a lot of people probably tried to replicate it at home. However, lack of experience and proper conditions do not allow to reach the highest point of pleasure. In the massage salon «Taste of the Night» any little thing from general atmosphere to secret techniques gives the opportunity to know true relaxation in just half an hour. Muffled lighting, quiet music, soft flavors and gentle touches of the girl help to completely forget about reality and spend thirty minutes in a completely different world – a world of bliss. An experienced and beautiful masseuse plays an important role in this. The correct use of massage technique combined with the general atmosphere allows the visitor not only to relax, but also to transfer to another reality that could only be dreamed of.

A modern gentlemen who absolutely lacks time for a decent rest always can allocate for himself half an hour and visit massage salon «Taste of Night» in Kiev. Believe me, it’s really enough time to spoil your body and restore spiritual balance. Also erotic massage «Espresso» is perfect for those who first attend this procedure and are just afraid to imagine what awaits it in the salon. In 30 minutes, our girls are capable of weakening a man, destroying his shyness and giving him confidence. Believe, after the first procedure you will want to visit «Taste of Night» salon once more and stay here already for a longer period of time. ‘Cause the kind of emotion that erotic massage can give you can’t give you any pleasure in life. It’s a completely unique and ambiguous procedure that leaves only the most beautiful behind, and the next night you’ll fall asleep remembering that massage. 


The demand for erotic massage is increasing daily

Unfortunately, today many people simply cannot relax. Watching TV shows or visiting bars isn’t as fun as it used to be. But stress and fatigue have an unpleasant tendency to accumulate in our body. As a result, people are increasingly feeling depressed, which must be removed. Erotic massage is a universal way of relaxing not only physically but spiritually. And «Espresso» service will help you find harmony in just half an hour. If you are tired of endless problems and just want to relax qualitatively, we are waiting for you in the massage salon «Taste of Night» in Kiev.

30 min
1 girl
900 UAH

Programs list

  • Полностью обнаженная массажистка.
  • Традиционный или расслабляющий массаж на выбор.
  • Касания всего тела за исключением интимных зон и лица.
  • Услуга доступна с 9.00 до 19.00
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