Couples massage

This service is an erotic massage for a man and a woman who are a couple. It is performed either by two girls or by a male masseuse and a female masseuse.

This includes touching and kissing all over the body (except the intimate area and face).

Possible program where only one masseuse. Then the massage is done to a man or woman while the second partner watches the process. After the session is over, the masseuse is removed and the couple can begin practice, giving each other bodily pleasure.


Advantages of erotic massage for couples

This option for couples massage in Kiev is suitable for any of the partners. First of all, this massage is the present moment when feelings are expressed. After several sessions, the man and the woman are more attentive to each other. Communication restores not only through words, but also through feelings.Thanks to the massage, the couples recognize each other from a new side.

Besides, to awaken feelings, massage can restore the level of confidence. Especially if you need to be rehabilitated after surgery or trauma. Erotic massage creates harmony in pairs, reducing the distance between you.

Couples massage allows you to fully enjoy the intimate atmosphere. Sensual couples massage eliminates any harmful form of control, thereby allowing a person to move away from the routine of everyday life.Also massage is a different remedy from stress, anxiety.


Conditions necessary to perform a massage for couples

Speaking of terms for erotic massage, it is worth discussing beforehand:

  • It is very important to maintain hygiene before each session. This massage is available to both men and women. This service is used by open-minded people who wish to gain truly useful and unforgettable experience;
  • Before starting a session, you should discuss with your partner your own expectations, certain desires;
  • It is important to understand that it is not a question of energy massage, but of practice, which must be sensitive and delicate. In order for the massage to be successful, it is important to get rid of complexes and clamps, which will allow to achieve maximum relaxation.

This massage is ideal for those who wish to reconnect with their partner. Erotic massage for couples implies that partners must do the same movements simultaneously so that they can experience the same sensation.

This massage is a good way to make your personal life better. It often happens that privacy suffers from limitations and habits. Massage helps to discover the novelty, feel sensuality, create a dream space. Experience new and unforgettable experiences with your partner.

60-90 min
1 girl
3200/4100 UAH
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