Popular types of erotic massage

  • An intimate massage for a man. Performed by a naked girl. The masseuse begins the session with gentle strokes and touches, gradually including other parts of the body in the work. The customer gets excited and relaxes at the same time.
  • Erotic massage for girl and woman. The master can be a girl or a boy. Such exposure unleashes the sexual energy of the clients, their body’s sensitivity reaches a new level.
  • Intimate massage for the couple. Depending on the preferences of the clients, master massagers can be two girls, or a boy and a girl. It helps to arouse passion and sexual attraction, it helps to remove complexes, and to make an emotional release.
  • Intimate massage with home visit to the client. It is not necessary to visit the salon to enjoy sexual massage. Relax, recuperate and enjoy your stay at home, on your bed.
  • VIP class massage. Typically, it combines elements of erotic massage and extended classical massage in professional performance. During a massage session, the customer can also relax with a hookah and drink champagne.
  • A classic massage. You can massage your back and your body. During the session performed by a professional masseur/masseuse, the muscle tension is reduced and the tone is increased. Man relaxes, his negative mood disappears.
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